Roland arrives late.

Now, if you are a regular reader of mine, you’ll remember my guest Roland, who heads the local Chamber of Commerce. A very self absorbed individual. I remarked to Stacy not so long ago, that if one left him unfettered too long he would be too ‘up himself’ to be of much use to anyone or for anything.

Well, as perhaps you can imagine, I do not like to be kept waiting when a guest is visiting my studio. Appointments are very strictly timed. So, when he recently made the cardinal error of arriving late for his appointment, I was not best pleased. Even after changing, and entering the studio with just a small towel around his waist he was still out of breath.

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You May Call Me Auntie Meg!

I thought I’d share a little story I had from one of my prospective clients the other day. I interview all my private clients before deciding whether they are worthy of my attention. I have to satisfy myself that they are suitable for my services, that I will feel comfortable working with them, and that my service will indeed improve their life. With this in mind I invited young Mathew, a 23 year old Software developer, to my studio to for an initial appointment. I think you’ll find his interview of interest.

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