Mistress Meg's path to submission.


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You are my cuckold!

There are times when my pleasure is to see one of my members watching me find my pleasure.  Yes, I know, it’s a little unfair – and yet still I find pleasure in the look of longing as they see […]

You Are Completely Mine!

Settle down somewhere quietly. I want you to enjoy this calming hypnosis recording.  Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it. Be sure to remember that when you register on this website you will have access to other hypnosis files. They will help […]

The Perils Of Baby Sitting.

Now and then I come across someone who is a little different from the norm, and I recognise immediately something of myself in them. One such individual is Katia Thornwood. She is a rather unusual character, but one I feel […]

Dine and Dash!

As a teenager, and I confess this now only to my dearest friends and members, I was guilty of more than one dine and dash. I’m not proud of it, but there it is. I’ve sneaked out of a few […]

Satisfaction comes in many forms.

There is a great level of satisfaction to be gained, when working with my favorite submissive, from a little deception. Let me give you an example. Just yesterday Martin and Benjamin, two frequent guests of mine, decided to come in […]

An invitation, written in blood.

This morning I found myself deep in conversation with Stacy, as we prepared to receive our first guest of the day, none other than her college professor, Professor Longstaff. I explained to her that I am not feeling at my […]

I am pleased to be able to offer you an pleasant diversion this evening.  One of my girls, Katia, is traveling at present. I asked her to keep me updated on her journey. While you don’t deserve to share in […]