I provide a very special Elite Level service for my Elite Club members.

To be considered for membership of this club you will first need to send me a tribute. Make no mistake, this just get’s my attention to consider you as a member. I guarantee nothing, though you will learn I am a fair Mistress, if nothing else.

Once I receive your opening tribute of US $25 to my Amazon Gift Card account, I will send you an email detailing instructions and asking a series of questions, and telling you more about what I will be doing both for and to you. Depending how you answer these I will consider you for membership of the Elite Club. This is a club for those who wish to engage in the fetish of consensual blackmail. Be sure you understand the meaning of this term.

I will ask you for a series of things, including photos and I will set you tasks. If you fail to comply with these tasks to my complete satisfaction, you run the risk of exposure. Now, some types of exposure are more complete than others, and you run the risk of finding yourself ‘outed’ – but we both know that this is something you find secretly exciting.

I quite understand your needs, likely much more than you do yourself. And yet, I am generously offering to help you. It’s just the kind of girl I am.

As my Elite Member, you will constantly fear what I may chose for you to do next. But don’t worry, I will only expose you if you deserve it.

Elite Members pay $200 a month. You will be expected to fulfill certain tasks, and I will place a number of restrictions on you. These will, naturally be for your own good.

So, for the moment your task is to send me $25 to my Amazon account. You can do so now, by buying the gift card and sending it to