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The Path To Submission – 7

I am always so pleased when my boys do as they are told. The thought that they are out there leading their lives, driving their trucks, talking to their wives and picking up the kids from soccer – and all […]

The Path To Submission – 6

I am so pleased to be able to write to you from time to time. It let’s me share with you some of the rather unusual goings on that take place in my busy life; things I am sure you […]

The Path To Submission. Part 4 – The Bull.

The training of a bull is an interesting process that I will tell you about. I will tell you, mostly because while you will be excited by it, it’s something you most likely could never endure. I say that as […]

The Path To Submission. Part 3.

You may have wondered about The Path To Submission. Let me tell you about it.  It’s really very simple. Over the last few years I’ve come to find that I can subvert most men to my will. It’s not difficult, […]

The Path To Submission. Part 2.

One of my greatest pleasures is to bring my friends into the process of subjugating a sub. Don’t you find a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled? Let me give you an example. One particular individual who has been trained […]

The Path Of Submission

When you choose to walk the Path Of Submission you are taking a step into the darkness. You have no idea where it may lead. For some it’s a lonely path, for others one which brings them in touch with […]

The Path Of Submission – Part 1

Michael felt me securing the cold metal bar down, so he could not wiggle free. His collar was secured, his ankles manacled, and bent forward from the waist, the bar secured him, so there was indeed no opportunity to pull […]

The voices in your head – your submission.

Some followers of The Path To Submission require regular assistance. We both know you are one of these. That’s what has brought you to this page. I know what you are like.  There’s part of you that wants to experiment. […]

Converting Rick. Part 8.

If you’re looking for Part 1, it can be found here. The warm weather continued and summer became that lazy humid blend of days merging into one another. I soon heard from Rick, though.  He had been experiencing some discomfort, and […]

Step 10

Why laughter is the best medicine. Good evening, Let’s face it, when you are excited you would do virtually anything for even the smallest attention from me. Yes, as you look at my cleavage, and avert your eyes guiltily as […]

Step 9

Sit down. Read this carefully. Good evening, You may have wondered about The Path To Submission. Let me tell you about it.  It’s really very simple. It’s something you should know more about, since you’re already being moved down an […]

Step 5

My hand, tightening slowly on your collar… Good evening, I find that the firmness of a leather bodice is without out doubt one of the most supportive garments I can wear. And some of my subs have learned to both […]

Membership Content

As a member you have access to some wonderful content. You’ll be able to work through the Steps – You’ll see them listed below – and I suggest you do so in order. You may choose to upgrade to to […]

The Chastity Challenge.

As you know, denial is something that will help you appreciate so many things. In fact, you are going to help me in a little experiment. After asking several of my members what they thought might help them along the […]