A little background.

I want you to get excited.

Good evening,

Tonight I will tell you a little more intimately about myself.  I know you are fascinated by me, and I am happy to share my experience with you. Later in this post there’s a sound file I’ve put together for you. I’d like you to listen to it and enjoy it. But first, here’s a little more of my story. It will help you understand me.

I would have been a little over 18 when I realized my calling. I remember the very day. I was walking back from school, my father having forgotten to pick me up. He was drinking more heavily than usual that fall, and I got used to looking after myself.

A car stopped by the side of the country road I was walking down. The man inside asked if I knew the way to Vidells Farm, a few miles down the road. He looked at me, and I could see he was interested.  You get to recognize the look.

I told him I did, and that I would show him if he’d give me a ride home. He obliged me, and opened the door of the car. I sat in it, my skirt riding up a little, exposing my sun tanned legs. I let it. I wanted to tease.

I would guess he was a man of about 45, and he told me he was a salesman from the chemical company that provided most of the chemical fertilizer in our area. I really didn’t care, knowing I was soon to be out and away. I liked the sound of Miami, or maybe Fort Lauderdale.

“Whatever,” I said. “You got a smoke?”

He gave me a cigarette. I lit it, and pushed the seat back.

Sarcastically he said, “Make yourself comfortable.”

I looked at him coldly.  I’d had a few boys at school. It was no big deal. The usual sort of thing, fumbling and, if I was very lucky, some sort of pleasure.

“And what can you do to make me comfortable,” I said, looking him in the eye.

“Errrr… What would you like me to do?”

“You look like you wouldn’t mind,” I said and put my hand on his thigh. I stroked it up and down, getting closer to his crotch. I watched as he began to sweat. Keep in mind I’d not done this before, but was feeling an intense sense of power. Once you find it, of course, you never let it go.

He swallowed hard. I put my hand on him, hard beneath my palm, through the fabric of his pants.

“Do you know how to use this?” I said, still looking right at him.

He nodded, speechless.

“Stop the car,” I said. He did so, and pulled into the shade of the cottonwoods at the side of the empty road. The sunlight dappled the car bonnet, and it was quite beautiful.

I slid my seat back and flat, and he let his down. I lifted my skirt and he stared. Almost too frightened to move he hesitatingly reached over and touched my belly.

“What are, gay?” I asked, and took his hand. I pushed it between my legs to my moistness, beneath the thin fabric of my panties. He fidgeted around there rather unsatisfyingly.Then I took his hand away and pushed it to his lips.

“You don’t do this much do you,” I said. “You’re not much use to me.”

He looked pleadingly at me, the scent of my body on his fingers.

“Lick it,” I said. He hesitatingly complied unused to the firm voice of a younger but more forceful companion.

I told him to drive on as I had to get home, or else my dad would come looking for me and he carried a rifle in his car. The man was so surprised he turned white.

“Viddells Farm is half a mile on the left. Drop me just up here, and I can walk from here. You’re useless for this.” I pulled my skirt over my legs and sat up.

I think his ruined excitement thrilled me particularly. The idea that I could show him something that would make him so hungry, and then deny him, was electrifying.

From then on I knew exactly how to handle a man. Any man.

If I make you a little nervous, I am glad to hear it.  You actual training will be starting very soon, if it hasn’t already. If you’er not already one of my members, now is a good time to register. Being submissive is about compliance respect, and of course, a little fear. Remember that.


Mistress Meg

You are already enjoying listening to the hypnosis files you’re finding on I’m pleased they are keeping you focused and subtly changing the way you are thinking.

For the next three nights I have a task for you.  I want you to listen to the sound file here before you go to sleep.  I suggest you use a headset and just allow the sound file to play.

Put it on just before you go to sleep, and then slowly let the sound lull you into a state of calm and blissful relaxation. You are learning so much already, and now you are beginning to progress toward the Path Of Submission.


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  1. i read: “Later, at the end of this email, there’s a sound file I’ve put together for you.”…..

    And i search, and search,…

    But can someone tell me where to find that file,…. somewhere overhere…

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