Are you suitably dressed?

You’ve likely noticed that when you go to the dentist, often you will have a certain degree of preparation. For example a mouth dam is used to make the process easier and cleaner both for the patient and the dentist.

It also serves to dehumanize the subject. Isn’t that an interesting concept. Those big glasses you sometimes wear in the dentist chair are not there just to make you look cool. The dentist may not want to see your eyes – it’s just too personal.

I’m sure you realise that my relationship with my guests is somewhat similar. I wouldn’t want any messy emotions getting involved with my activities. Far better that my guests are treated in a manner that is much more impersonal.  From time to time I infuriate my subs by referring to them by a number rather than a name. It makes them feel dehumanized.

For much the same reasons I often have my members wear something of a uniform. It provides a little ‘distance’. Below are a few examples of the sort of things I like my subs to wear. I always feel they are so much happier reduced to being a piece of meat. After all, that’s really all they are.

Perhaps you should seriously consider something of the sort. I think it might be a good look for you.

I’ve always found it’s very easy to feminize a person in a catsuit. A little extra stuffing here, a wig and some makeup and you’re almost there. Add heels, and suddenly Joe is Joanna. I think you can see where I’m going here.


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