Stacy’s Shopping List

Hey guys It’s Stacy here, Mistress Meg’s assistant. Today is my day off from all the crazy work I do, so I thought I’d share my secret sexy shopping list with you men and women. As you guys know, this is all about discipline. You should always be ready to take commands and please in every way possible. I mean after all, you are a slave right?  This is just something your wife, girlfriend or mistress would love and feel absolutely sexy and slutty wearing. Which only leaves you two to have a remarkable night.

The first Item is a metallic zentai catsuit. What I love about this product is the suit is so nicely fitted you can clearly see all the curves and breasts bursting out. The texture feels like heaven and there is a front zipper going all the way down meaning taking it off wont be that hard.

The second item is long latex stockings. These stockings just yell ‘fun’. You can wear these with absolutely nothing else on in the bedroom or you can also wear them with a dress or body suit. The stockings are a latex/leather material but have a lace strip at the top. Nothing gets sexier than a woman dressed in latex stockings and heels.

Lastly I’m going to share this lace up corset. I love that there’s a big variety of colors. My favorite would be the black or red. There’s a gorgeous design on the corset with an outline of silky material and a thin bow. Being a mistress, I’ve always worn corsets to get that hourglass figure and I’ve always been asked how I have these amazing curves and this is the secret. This corset makes you look busty and not only does it look amazing but also makes you feel like the bombshell you are.

I know you’ll love these fun clothes. I’ll let you know about some other fun things on my next day off!

2 Replies to “Stacy’s Shopping List”

  1. Hello Mistress Stacy, Thank you so much for the ideal dress to serve. Do have affinity for black Cuban heels with 6 inch heels. Love to watch and walk in them with others to comment on. Oh my YES. Lots of fun with a collar on. sigh. Never want to take them off. beautiful picture… Do love Bondage to serve others.

  2. Good afternoon Mistress Meg, I went out and bought a work out outfit at Macys. Striped top, elastic, zipp up and a some caprie woorkout leggings. Love wearing them while reading your instructions, giggles. Love shopping for feminine articles .

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