Converting Rick. Part 1.

When I first suggested Rick join me for a threesome he was excited.  When I explained I wanted him to meet Jason he seemed at first reluctant and then resistant. In fact as he said, there can only be one dick in this threesome. But I am getting ahead of myself. I will need to back track a little to give you the full sordid story.

I often find it amusing how men respond to the idea of a threesome. There’s a vague assumption that it’s all about them. How very wrong they are. If I am generous enough to include a man in my extensive repertoire of games, I expect him to be both compliant and grateful. What on earth leads him to believe it’s for his own pleasure is a mystery to me – but something that I find can serve me well, as you’ll see.

Rick had made his interest in me very clear at the start of the summer holidays. He’d started with a few lewd suggestions, got nowhere and then decided to try harder at being a gentleman. I liked that. If nothing else it showed me he was at least willing to make an effort. Of course, between you and I, we both know that however gentlemanly one attempts to be, when one has a nine inch dildo in your ass and your tongue deeply buried in my own, ‘gentlemanly’ behaviour becomes all rather academic. The fact is you’re going to do pretty much whatever I tell you to do.

Now, in this particular case my entertainment lay in seeing just how far I could take my friend Rick along a path I don’t think he’d generally have considered walking. Let me explain. Rick and I went back a long way. Years ago we’d attended the same high school. His mother used to visit with mine, and they often shared a bottle of wine in the afternoon, laughing about the things parents laugh about and kids never quite uncover. Needless to say, on more than one occasion the conversation hastily ceased as I entered the room.

“Sorry, Mummy, I didn’t mean to disturb you. I was looking for a bible for my studies. I have to write an essay about the Sermon On The Mount.”

Diana, Rick’s mother, was very familiar with The Mount – if not the place the act. She had many lovers, as I later discovered – one of which was my own father, to the surprise and disappointment of my mother. So it was, with some sense of excitement, that I decided that Rick, now a very well developed post grad student returning home for the summer, would be something of a project for me.  His mother had wronged my own – it seemed only right and fair that his repulsive sexual hunger be used to bring suffering to his corrupted genes. By the time I was finished with him, mummy’s little soldier was going to be seen in a very different light.

With this in mind I set about tempting my quarry, making it clear his advances were well received – but not actually giving him any of the honey he so lustfully craved. He would try to touch my arm, his hand lingering a little longer than really necessary. I’d allow it, before slowly pulling away.

He tried to put his arm around me on one occasion, and I fixed him with a stare.

“Rick, you’re a cute boy,” I said. “But I prefer a man with a little more substance. Let’s face it, you don’t fill your pants very well.”

Rick’s petulant look of hurt reminded me of the time he’d failed to make the football team. I’d been a cheerleader and in fact managed to work my way through most of the team one semester, and always made sure Rick knew that if he’d tried a little harder, perhaps it could be his car I’d be cruising in that night. Poor little boy. I suppose the seeds of my cruelty were sown back in his adolescence.

Regardless, as you will learn, I did find a great sense of satisfaction watching him turn in the wind with each barbed comment. I think one of my most enjoyable moments had been when I asked him to go and get batteries frim the corner store. If he did I’d give him a special surprise.

He’d hurried his teenage ass off on his bicycle and returned an hour later out of breath with some D cell batteries. I pulled a large black vibrator out of my back pack and asked him to put them in the toy.

“There,” I said. “Now you’ve touched something that’s been deeper in me than anything you will ever get to touch again!” I laughed and slipped back into the house to go up to my room and leave him wondering.

Poor boy sat in the garden for half an hour waiting for me to come out, while I sat in my room just for the fun of tormenting him.

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