Dine and Dash!

As a teenager, and I confess this now only to my dearest friends and members, I was guilty of more than one dine and dash. I’m not proud of it, but there it is.

I’ve sneaked out of a few hotels before dawn, knowing that the desk clerk didn’t write my details down correctly, as they’d been concentrating on my cleavage, and not their job. That’s one advantage of a D cup size.

This morning I found, to my surprise I relived the feeling I used to experience as I slipped away into the dawn. It was a rather unusual set of circumstances, and I am currently writing this sitting in the departure lounge at LAX.

I came to Los Angeles to see a regular client. He was attending a work conference, and wondered if I’d help him with a little ‘training’ in the evening. I don’t mind taking a trip like this now and then, and needed to see a friend or two in LA, so took him up on his offer.

If anyone here has noticed me nervously glancing at the clock, it’s not because I’m concerned about missing my flight.  About now room service are likely entering room 434 of a certain hotel, and finding an Assistant District Attorney handcuffed to a bed, wearing fishnets and a leather mask. There is also a rather substantial adult toy in evidence, not so much ‘about his person’ as ‘within his person’.

I am making a discrete exit, as a result of a series of texts that came through to his phone evidently from his wife, which woke me this morning. These texts are somewhat self explanatory, so I will list them below.

“I don’t believe you are there alone.”

Then –

I’m coming to your hotel. I have a tracker on your cell phone and I need to talk to you now.

And then –

I am bringing my divorce lawyer with me.

All of this would not be such a great deal of concern but for the fact that the Assistant DA refused to wake up. I think he may have had a stroke or something – not an ideal way to train a client, I’ll admit.

Either way, I don’t need either the hassle of an investigation, or an irate wife in my life right now.

They’re calling my flight. I think I should head out.

I hope you’re having a better day than I am!


Henry Mancini - Move 'Em Out

‘Picked me clean, made me mean, now I’m tough I treat ’em rough…’ Well, we’ll see about that!

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