Satisfaction comes in many forms.

There is a great level of satisfaction to be gained, when working with my favorite submissive, from a little deception. Let me give you an example.

Just yesterday Martin and Benjamin, two frequent guests of mine, decided to come in at short notice. Normally I would have one of my assistants work with one, while I took care of the other. Stacy, however has been working at the bank. She’s a very diligent girl at times. Anyway, she was called in to work there unexpectedly, and so I had to manage the boys alone.

This is really no problem for me.  I know exactly how to keep my boys under control. This particular afternoon I asked them each if they were into servicing a partner orally, and as they looked at me hungrily, both admitted that they did enjoy that enormously. I then had them strip and get themselves ready, in separate rooms.

By the time they joined me in the salon room they were both blindfolded and had no idea what lay before them. In fact, while they could hear the sound of each other, they had no idea who they were in the room with. Doubtless they wondered – perhaps a nubile schoolgirl? Maybe even a dusky Asian girl who likes to assist at times – and has shown a rather sadistic nature. Or maybe some woman who had expressed a desire to be suitably serviced by two strong young studs – reducing their manhood to the status of a sex toy.

As I guided Benjamin’s head to a suitable position in which to give Martin pleasure, I assured the unsuspecting Martin he would enjoy what was coming. I pushed Ben’s head down on Martin, and he readily opened his mouth and began to give Martin a satisfying, wet and deep feeling of satisfaction.

Benjamin has always been quite capable of delivering to male and female alike, however this was a first for poor Martin.  He had no idea that he was subject to the attentions of another man. By the time I removed his blindfold he was so obviously enjoying the pleasure, he was in no position to protest.

How I love that look, as they realise they’ve been tricked, and yet they don’t pull away. No, far from it. They first look confused, then disgusted, then they yield to the feelings of pleasure that they can’t avoid admitting that they are overwhelmed with.

I look forward to combining Ben and Martin in sessions in future. I sense that Martin is going to learn to be even more accommodating in future. I quite look forward to dressing him up and allowing Ben to penetrate Martin in ways he’s never anticipated.

The wonderful thing about The Path Of Submission is that, one way or another, it’s a one way street. Poor Martin, he has no idea yet that he really has no choice. Once he gave up his destiny to me, his path was decided. I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing how it goes for them both.

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Mistress Meg

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