Helping you along The Path.

First of all I want to thank the many of you who came back with some great suggestions for Mark’s new femme name.  We’ve settled on Marcie, a suggestion made by at least 8 of you. So now that’s settled, Marcie is gradually being brought to a state of mind that is increasingly feminized.

There is, don’t you think, a moment of exhilaration as the buckles are tightened, and the ball gag secured. Whether I am disciplining one of my staff, or enjoying subjugating a guest, I always feel a moment of excitement as the sub accepts that there is nothing that they can possibly do that will allow them to avoid or escape whatever I have in mind for them.

Following that moment, my guest is entirely at my disposal.  Whatever I may think of to do to, or on, them is entirely at my discretion. Their power is completely erased.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  You just wish it could be you who were succumbing to my attentions. That is quite understandable. However, I want you to understand something.  In my Premium Program there are psychological tools that will bring you entirely to the same position.

In that moment you are unable to think of others, any stimulus immediately has you thinking about me, and you will soon  find any will to resist is simply sidelined by my techniques.

You’ll find some hypnosis in the Premium Program, as well as conditioning, and some subliminal persuasion techniques. You will yield to my desires.

I also have a special and very personal offer to my friends and members this week.  If you sign up for Oakley Dale’s list, I know that this week she is going to be chatting  with a limited number of my friends and her friends one on one on Skype. Oakley loves to talk about anything you wish to. Whether you are a freshman in college or in your retirement years, she’s a sweetheart that you can bare your sould to, and she’ll listen attentively and help you. She takes a limited number of people each week and chats with them individually on Skype. So, if you want to be one of the first with Oakley, get yourself on that list!

I shall write again soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t already signed up for the premium training already, perhaps you should now. Do so here:

Mistress Meg

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