The Path Of Submission

When you choose to walk the Path Of Submission you are taking a step into the darkness. You have no idea where it may lead.

For some it’s a lonely path, for others one which brings them in touch with others. For every member the path is slightly different.

It’s a path in which you will find your fears and your limits. You will face them. You will learn to embrace humiliation and prostate yourself before the mistress who controls your mind. You will also grow in ways you cannot even imagine.

The desperate hunger which I inspire within you confirms to me that I can use you and steer you in an manner I choose. I will take that thirst and guide it to ways that serve my ends and lead you ever deeper into my web. And you can do nothing to help yourself. You can no more resist my allure, than you can cease to breath. You need me.

As you relinquish control of yourself to me, you will begin to find joy. As your will melts away you will become a slave to your desire for me. The thought of me fills you with excitement.

Whether you are male or female, you will be led along this path with loving care into the jaws of disgust and self abasement – and you will come willingly. Think of the love of your mother, turned to caustic pain. Her gentle touch, replaced by the hard grip that draws you down to service my pleasure. Now, you’re in the right mindset. My hand soft in yours, leading you to your humiliation – for my amusement.

Your lust will propel you forward, irresistibly into the traps that lie before you, and I will watch and laugh at you as you fall foul of each hurdle. Expect no sympathy. Expect no kindness, just my curiosity at how far you will allow yourself to be manipulated and tested.

Sign up for the Premium Program, and begin your journey today.

Remember, your freedom lies in servitude.


6 Replies to “The Path Of Submission”

  1. Lead and guide me Mistress Meg along the path that you choose so I may submit deeper for you pleasure and amusement.

  2. I saw your request for more sissy type names for Mark. As I was
    administering my second enema per this week’s assignment there was really only one name that seemed to fit as I ran for the toilet with fluid leaking down my legs. I think Lucy(Loosie) would be a proper name for a sissy, especially while sporting a butt plug!

  3. Mistress Meg I’m not sure of anything anymore but I do feel strong urges to suubmit is this how I should be feeling?

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