The Path To Submission – 6

I am so pleased to be able to write to you from time to time. It let’s me share with you some of the rather unusual goings on that take place in my busy life; things I am sure you enjoy hearing about.

That’s what prompted me to write today. Stacy, my assistant, had a little situation yesterday that I thought might amuse you. One of my recent recruits, a young man by the name of Roland, showed up for his ‘training session’ a little late.

Roland is such a nice gentleman. He’s the head of the local chamber of commerce. A fine upstanding citizen, with a sense of civic duty. His dignified greying hair, and authoritarian bearing is of course very much in abeyance when young Stacy takes him to the Studio. He becomes as submissive as a lamb.

I had Stacy bring him into my studio, where she asked him to wait for me to come and see to him.  In the meantime, she said, he was to slip out of those ‘silly clothes’ and await my arrival.

As agreed between Stacy and myself, she returned to the studio five minutes later, where he was sitting naked, looking at a pair of black panties I had left out in plain view on a table.

“Roland,” said young Stacy, “Really, you seem very interested in those.”

He mumbled something and laughed nervously. As expected, he was walking precisely as expected into a simple but very well practiced little trap.

“Roland,” said Stacy thoughtfully, “I think Mistress Meg would like it if you’d slip into those panties, don’t you?”

“Well,” he said a little uncertainly, “I could…”

“I think it would be best.”

As he did so, my young assistant watched thoughtfully. She laughed coquettishly. “They really do suit you,” she giggled.

He stood and looked at himself in the mirror, then turned and looked to see how his bum looked.

“I don’t think this is the first time you’ve ever done this, is it, Roland?”

He blushed and evaded the question.

“Mistress asked me to secure you. Just stand over here a moment,” she said pleasantly. “That’s it, against the wall. Now, let’s slip these cuffs on.”

She handed him the sturdy leather cuffs and made sure the buckles were tight. Once securely on his wrists she attached the cuffs to two hard points on the wall, using a snap clip. Roland was not going anywhere.

“Now, isn’t that so much more comfortable,” Stacy said in a matter of fact way. “You just wait here, and Mistress will be along in just a moment.”

With that Stacy left the room and joined me in the room next door, where we sat an enjoyed a refreshing cup of tea.

“He’s ready for you, Mistress,” she said. “Exactly as you instructed.”

She’s such a good girl, Stacy. I made a point of thinking about ways I might reward her service. Devotion deserves reward.

A few minutes later I entered the studio, pretending to look for my black panties. In mock surprise I looked at Roland and pretended to notice him for the first time.

“Well, Roland,” I said, looking puzzled. “I actually just came in here to retrieve some panties. Perhaps you’ve seen them”


“Be silent,” I said, and reached for one of the heavy whips from the wall.


I turned to Roland and looked at him with disgust. “It seems you’ve already found them!”

I inspected him and frowned.

“Exactly who gave you permission to put these on?”

“Your friend, Miss,” he said.

“I assume you mean young Stacy. I really don’t think so. She’s not due in for another two hours. We have an appointment together to have a pedicure.”

“Mistress, she was just here!”

“I really don’t think so,” I said flicking the whip firmly and relishing the whistling sound it made as I tested it out.

“She showed me in earlier. Just a few minutes ago.”

“I assure you Stacy is not here. And what you are doing in my underwear is a mystery to me. Do you make a point of visiting people and slipping into their undergarments?”

“No, Miss.”

“I should think not,” I said. “However, I think some form of penance is in order, don’t’ you?”

“Mistress, I…”

I cracked the whip within a hair of his flank, and he yelped in surprise.

“You just stay there.”

I walked to the small cupboard of accessories I have in the studio. I drew out the leather hood I’d placed there earlier.

“I think this will be suitable for now.” I placed the hood over his head and secured it. He was wise enough not to struggle.

Silently I went to the door and readmitted Stacy. As arranged, Stacy had prepared some warm wax in a tray.

“Roland, if you insist on wearing my underwear I think it only fair that your body be suitably prepared, don’t you?”

With that, Roland felt the warm wax being applied to his chest. The wax was brushed on, then layered, and stippled. His chest hair was matted into the warm wax, and as it cooled Roland had plenty of time to think about what was about to happen.

I will tell you a little more next time. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Have you signed up for The Path Of Submission? I think it may be time.


Mistress Meg

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