The Path To Submisson – 5

I was in my studio the other day with young Stacy, who is training to be a domme. She is an enthusiastic and competent student, and for those of you who have been following the story, her marks with Professor Longstaff have improved startlingly.

I know that some of his other students are a little puzzled by her apparent improvement. She credits it to the increase in protein in her diet, whatever that means.

So, about Stacy. I’ve been helping her to develop a few techniques to improve working with her subs. As I talked to her I found some oils I use from time to time. Easing aside the latex panties I sometimes favor, I allowed her to massage me.

“You’ll find,” I explained, “that if you are suitably prepared, when you hold a subs head close to your groin, they are agonisingly aroused by the scent of a well prepared body. They cannot help themselves.”

My word, Stacy is coming along nicely. She is very diligent in helping me prepare.

“They will almost sob in their desire to comply with your wishes, if you prepare yourself suitably,” I continued.

Later that afternoon I was so pleased to see her putting the technique into practice. As she held a young mans head close to her belly I could see the agonised sense of lust overcoming his pitiful resistance to her demand for him to ease the cuffs onto his wrists, and close them. Of course, once suitably secured he was putty in her hands. I need hardly tell you, his afternoon got decidedly more complicated after that. It would make you weep – or laugh if like me you enjoy watching a man re-evaluate his decisions – to see what we had him do!

Don’t you find that the Boy Scouts motto – Be prepared – is such wise advice? I have always thought so.
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