Have a listen and see if you’re ready.

I’m so glad you’ve chosen to visit. Are you ready to take a journey with me?

This is a very special journey. I am ready to walk with you on The Path Of Submission. Now, let’s not suppose for an instant that this is an easy path. It’s not. It’s a journey that will explore recesses of your mind and take you to places you least expect. But then, that is where the excitement lies, isn’t it?

You are not sure what is ahead – and that’s precisely the waay I like it. You can enjoy many things here without charge. To get the most out of the free aspects of this site you’ll want to register. You can do that here. Doing so unlocks some content that you’d otherwise be unable to access.

Now, you can step up your experience another level by signing up for the Free Program. Once again, there’s absolutely no charge associated with this. You will then be able to enjoy even more content, a deeper and more extensive range of self hypnosis files, and some behavioural experiences that will take you further along The Path To Submission.

Ultimately you will be given the opportunity to apply to join the Premium Program and to progress on The Path To Submission. This is an intimate journey of self discovery as much as anything – but one which will change you and help you grow in ways you’ve likely never experienced.  Are you ready for The Path To Submission?

We provide little clues that will help you, as you move along this journey. We like o play games and will not always make it easy for you. But in the end you will thank us. The hypnosis, the behaviour modification and ultimately the new you all reflect your experience of The PAth To Submission.

Along your path you will get to enjoy the stories of myself and a number of my helpers. We have prepared these to assist in your journey and help educate you in the way of the path. You are not alone. Enjoy The Path To Submission.



13 Replies to “Have a listen and see if you’re ready.”

  1. i have joined Mistress Meg’s Premium Program, and i look forward all week to hearing from Her. i hope She will be offering more hypnosis files…i crave it.

  2. I am trying to find a dominant mistress to feminize me and start to make me buy you gifts. Until I get to the point where I just give you my credit card information and you by would you tell me too. Eventually I want you to own all my financial information. Own all of me financially, body, mind and spirit.

  3. I have recently been accepted into Mistress Meg’s Premium Program, and can’t keep myself from checking this site and email constantly to see if she has sent or added anything. I have one day to go on my first task and can’t wait to finish. I hope she will be pleased with me

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