The Path To The Submission – The lick of the lash.

Good evening,

It’s been a busy few days, but now Christmas and the New Year are over, I feel I should share something with you. I think you’ll appreciate what I have been upto. Just the other night I found myself having to take care of something at my studio. I shall recount the events, and let me know your thoughts.

Professor Longstaff stood, arms secured high above his head, and whimpered. The muffled sound escaped the hood over his head, but we noticed it, as Stacy attached the cold metal clips.

“Well done, Professor,” I said. “That’s another half pound. Now, don’t you feel the joy of paying penance?”

“But Mistress Meg,” he whimpered. “I gave her an ‘A’ for her assignment. I was being,” he search for words, “… generous.”

“Quite so, Professor. Had that been exactly what you gave her, well let’s just say you wouldn’t have 2 pounds of fishing weights dangling from those parts of your body that dangle in such a very fragile manner. But you gave my little friend Stacy an ‘A-minus’, and that’s why we’re helping you see the error of your ways.”

There was a pause, and then the muffled voice mumbled, “Thank you, Mistress.”

“It’s good to see you entering into the spirit of the thing.” I commented. I should point out that Stacy’s skills would not be what you might describe as ‘academic’. She was baely above an ‘F’, but I feel it part of my role to help people along. It’s just who I am!

I have always found, and maybe you share my opinion, that a good flogging concentrates the mind. What it concentrates the mind upon is the desire not to transgress again.

“Now, Professor, I’m going to put something in your hand.  I’d like you to just hang on to it for me. Be sure not to drop it.”

I pressed the pleated leather shaft of the heavy whip into his hand. While standing restrained and hooded, his imagination did the rest. The leather whip quivered as it dangled from his shaking hand.

“Urgh… Mistress, please…”

“Now, calm down, Professor Longstaff. You know I’m helping you here.”

Behind me Stacy giggled a little. The door of my private studio opened and a couple of my staff wandered in, and pulled up chairs.

“Who’s that?” asked the Professor.

“Now, now.  You know how this works. You’ll never know who is in this room with you, other than myself.
I gave Stacy a smile, and then added, “Don’t worry, we all get into the spirit of the thing. And besides, you look so dashing in that black hood.”

“Thank you, mistress.” He whimpered.

“Yes, and I do find that the hood prevents that goggle eyed look that some people give as they see what’s being done to them.”

The hanging lead seemed to grow in weight with each passing moment. I could see that Professor Longstaff was learning the error of his ways. I have always felt education is so important, haven’t you?
I could see that the Professor sensed the presence of a number of people in the room. He was quite a spectacle.

“Now, shall we press on?” I walked across the room, and glanced at the paper Professor Longstaff had marked. “You see, what I don’t understand, Professor is that you’ve written here ‘Well done, A-minus’. Don’t you find that a little contradictory?”

“I’m sorry, I’ve just been so busy! I had to mark so many papers. And I knew Stacy was special, you told me. You helped me understand that I should be more generous in my marking, since the last time…. But… I just had so much work! I have to do everything.  The marking, the teaching, finding materials…”

I sighed. “But really, Professor. I’m just helping you understand. And besides, how much effort does it really take to adjust a minus to a plus? It’s merely a stroke of the pen!”

“I suppose if I stuck a broom up my ass I could sweep the college corridors as well!”

I sighed. I motioned Stacy to me and gave the professor a long look.

“Stacy,” I said calmly. “Does the housekeeper have a spare broom, do you know?”

“Yes, mistress,” she said quickly, “Shall I,” but then the Professor interrupted.

“It was a joke! Please, don’t! … Mistress, please!” The professor had his little outburst.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise. Now, shall we get on with the proceedings? Goodness me,” I said in mock exasperation, “Now where did I put that whip?”

If you haven’t done so already, you should really think about joining me in the Path To Submission.  I will message you again soon.


Mistress Meg.

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  1. Mistress I can see that you truly enjoy dominating your subs. I know once I learn how that I will enjoy it as much as you do.
    Thanx. Sharri

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