The Path To Submission. Part 4 – The Bull.

The training of a bull is an interesting process that I will tell you about. I will tell you, mostly because while you will be excited by it, it’s something you most likely could never endure. I say that as there are very few men who can fulfill the role. Very few.

First of all he has to be young, and strong, and physically very fit. He also needs to be compliant. He can be trained into compliance, but should not be subjugated. He needs to remain highly alpha, and yet respond to commands. I have found the use of an electrical collar helpful, but he should be motivated suitably to do as he is told.

A good bull gains pleasure from his tasks, which usually involve the taking of an unwilling, or co opted subject. True, the subject quickly becomes compliant, though this is usually because they are so subjugated by me, or by one of my girls. So, the blindfolded young man, thinking he’s going to enjoy the pleasure of my attentions, finds himself beneath the physically stronger powerful form of a far more manly partner. He is usually unable to fight the bull off, having been suitably prepared.

It’s quite amusing to watch, of course.  The struggles, the surprise of deep penetration. And the cries of desperate resistance, all of which is quite futile.

Bound hand and foot, oiled for easy access, and denied sight and voice. His protests are something we can laugh about as he is introduced to activities of such deeply penetrating intimacy that any shred of masculinity is swiftly lost.

Lured with the promise of my gentle company, and then prepared for the more forceful attentions of a bull, my partners often find themselves brought to experiences they never imagined that they may either participate in, or (much to the horror) enjoy. How many times have the folded shirt, nicely polished shoes and delicately places socks, been place with gentility – only to be witness to the brutal deep penetration of my bull.

Often, after I have watched the humiliation of a sub for my amusement, I will place the sub in a corner to watch as the bull satisfies me. I would use the term cuckold, but that rather supposes that the sub may have some access to my body. As he watches the powerful and physically primal service I get from the bull, he can only wish he could experience the process.

After, I will sometimes allow the sub to clean things up. I feel generous that way, sometimes.


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2 Replies to “The Path To Submission. Part 4 – The Bull.”

  1. Mistress, you obviously have the skills to train men into submixsion. I wish to be trained as profficiently as you are. Men need us to control them desperately….. Don’t you agree? …… Thanx Sharri

  2. Mistress Meg, Hello, just wanted to share my experience with you. Have finished with the enema sequence, Wow, not what I was expecting. Severe cramping, purging, and clean up. The first one made me all spaced out. About 5 days later took the next one with a little soap, different feeling not as bad with saline solution. It was easier the second time. After a bit of time everything just settle down. Am looking forward to get an anal plug. Any suggestions? Do love following your direction, Thank you for your great knowledge and training. More, yea.
    Love Pat H.

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