The Path To Submission. Part 3.

You may have wondered about The Path To Submission. Let me tell you about it.  It’s really very simple.

Over the last few years I’ve come to find that I can subvert most men to my will. It’s not difficult, they all seem to want one thing. Most men think their desire can be satisfied by offering of a few trinkets to some woman, a dinner, a piece of jewellery – and then they slake their thirst in the trough of their mundane passion. A thoughtless rutting on the bed, leaving neither of them truly satisfied.

Like pigs in a sty they wallow in the filth of their carnal nature. I think you understand that well, don’t you?  And for some men that’s enough. The girl who adjusts her make up and leaves, satisfied and feeling somewhat content as a result of their attention, is a simple creature and likely the ideal mate – if you like that sort of thing.

However, my needs are a little more complex. For a man to provide me pleasure, I have come to learn, I must first reduce him to a state of displeasure. His discomfort leads to my comfort. His fear leads to my excitement. His heightened pain leads to my heightened pleasure. This seems a fair trade.

Now, perhaps you can imagine it. The nipple painfully twisted, his breath caught in his throat and his deepening humiliation, feeds my own passion. After all, how many times have you seen the smile and laughter on the face of a woman, as she tightens the screw, pinches the skin, or squeezes the most vulnerable of organs. It is in that moment that my own pleasure grows.

I mention that my men can only satisfy me with their growing discomfort, but the same is true of all my partners, be they male or female. A little girl’s, tears dripping from her eyes, pleasuring me desperately in the knowledge that her pain will only ease once I am truly satisfied is every bit as exciting to me as seeing a humiliated partner lick the sweat from the sole of my feet as I chat carelessly with his wife on the phone, about this hair appointment or that pedicure. If only she knew how diligently her husband was serving me.

So, as you set off on my Path To Subservience, be under no illusion. Your humiliation is for my pleasure, and in serving me you do find a wonderful sense of freedom. And, should I remember your name, I may even feel a sense of gratitude.


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