The Path To Submission. Part 2.

One of my greatest pleasures is to bring my friends into the process of subjugating a sub. Don’t you find a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled?

Let me give you an example. One particular individual who has been trained to serve is a man of about 55 who owns a successful local business. He’s quite full of himself, and a little too arrogant, though that sort of thing doesn’t survive long with me. Under my management he has been brought to heel.

It is a little laughable see someone who, at the local chamber of commerce or Rotary Club seems so self confident and self important, and yet once doubled over a frame with a dildo in his ass and a blindfold and gag, seems somehow more humble. Being full of oneself is difficult when full of a strapon or a butt plug.

Last week he was in just such a position, oil being poured liberally over his buttock, and I decided to bring in a young friend of mine, Jenny, who quite by chance went to school a coupe of years ago with his daughter. We did have a chuckle about that, I must say. We waited until after, of course. As he waited, anticipating something but unsure of quite what my young friend walked around him, the sound of her heels clicking on the hardwood, and her giggling juvenile laughter teasing him tantalizingly.

She pulled on the strapon, pressed his cheeks apart and then pressed, at first encountering resistance, but then pushing home the liberally sized tool, to his discomfort. Oil is such a useful accessory in such cases. He was able to take so much more than he would ever have thought. Soon his cries of pain were replaced by moans of pleasure.

I held his head close to my belly, pulling his collar tight as he struggled. The thought that this young siren had likely waited in the same bus queue as his daughter after school was vaguely amusing to me. He gasped out questions, “What? Who is that?”

My response is always the same. A hard slap or a spit in his face. He soon got the idea.

Once he had been used enough I dismissed Jenny, who left the room silently. Poor subjugated lamb, he has no idea that she is in his business virtually every day. I think she will look at him through rather different eyes in future.


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