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Converting Rick. Part 8.

If you’re looking for Part 1, it can be found here. The warm weather continued and summer became that lazy humid blend of days merging into one another. I soon heard from Rick, though.  He had been experiencing some discomfort, and […]

Taking The Bull By The Horn.

Taking the bull by the horn. Good evening, If you are already in my Premium Program you will already be enjoying the conditioning and preparation that is changing you. The process will literally ‘change your mind’. You want this, and if you […]

A little background.

I want you to get excited. Good evening, Tonight I will tell you a little more intimately about myself.  I know you are fascinated by me, and I am happy to share my experience with you. Later in this post […]

Are you suitably dressed?

You’ve likely noticed that when you go to the dentist, often you will have a certain degree of preparation. For example a mouth dam is used to make the process easier and cleaner both for the patient and the dentist. […]

The Chastity Challenge.

As you know, denial is something that will help you appreciate so many things. In fact, you are going to help me in a little experiment. After asking several of my members what they thought might help them along the […]

It’s chastity time.

It’s such a delight when my boys submit to the sensible and supportive demands I make of them. In fact, a good many of them choose to volunteer themselves into chastity. We both know this is a great path for […]

Converting Rick. Part 7.

If you’re looking for Part 1, it can be found here. It was a little later that week when I bumped into Rick when in town with my father. It was a hot day, and the air seemed thick, like warm […]

Converting Rick. Part 6.

If you’re looking for Part 1, it can be found here. About half an hour later Ricks groans and cries had become irritating enough for me to wander back into the exercise room and pretend I’d forgotten all about him. “Oh,” […]

Converting Rick. Part 5.

If you’re looking for Part 1, it can be found here. In that moment of weakness I knew I had him. “Come on.  Do this for me, and I’ll make it worth your while. You know how much you want this.” […]

Converting Rick. Part 4.

If you’re looking for Part 1, it can be found here. Rick succumbed to his immobility with what I have to describe as a degree of reluctance. It would be fair to say he struggled and protested quite violently, thrashing about […]

Converting Rick. Part 3.

If you’re looking for Part 1, it can be found here. Rick carried a tool kit from the truck and wandered over to where Jason and I were enjoying the sun, sipping on long island iced teas. My bikini was almost […]

Converting Rick. Part 2.

If you’re looking for Part 1, it can be found here. So, Rick returned from university that summer so full of himself and having proudly graduated with his degree. I found it rather surprising, given that he was virtually a […]

Converting Rick. Part 1.

When I first suggested Rick join me for a threesome he was excited.  When I explained I wanted him to meet Jason he seemed at first reluctant and then resistant. In fact as he said, there can only be one […]

The Travelogue Of Katia Thornwood – Part 8

The man buying me a drink was a banker and ex-public schoolboy from London. Eloquent, well educated and a gentleman to boot, he was the picture of English reserve and dignity, even in his increasing state of intoxication. “So, you’re […]

The Travelogue Of Katia Thornwood – Part 6

Ben and I sat on the patio of a nice café on the edge of Chinatown, with its oriental apartment frontages, windows encased in elaborately designed steel cages and sidewalks filled with people sitting in plastic chairs, eating and drinking […]